jueves, 21 de abril de 2016

Our trip to the snow!

At school, our gym teacher organized a trip to the snow for the most well-behaved students. Since there were only 48 seats, eight children per class were chosen. Luckily me and some of my friends were chosen and we went to the snow together.

The bus ride wasn't very long, but it was a bit boring so I listened to music on my phone. Some people got dizzy but I brought some mints with me to prevent that.

When we arrived, we quickly got changed into our waterproof snow clothes because some of us had kept them in the bag to not wear them at school. Then, we walked to the lift that would take us to the top of the hill. 

I didn't really like it because it was small and I am claustrophobic.

Once we arrived, we ate and then we went to get ski boots. They were uncomfortable and heavy, and when we were wearing them it was harder to walk! It was funny watching everyone struggle. We were also given the skis that were even more heavy and we had to carry them for a long time. 

When we could finally start skiing, I was exhausted, and not all of us found it good. Me and my friends struggled and the tutor wasn't much help. He actually got angry with us, but at least we tried our best! 

I fell over a lot of times and it was very funny! The only bad thing that happened was when I tumbled down the hill since I was grabbing on the floor trying to slow down my gloves got soaked so I had to remove them and then I cut my hand on ice!

Anyway, after that, it was time to eat. We all sat down to eat lunch. Some had sandwiches, chicken nuggets, salad, etc. After eating we had an hour or more of free time. Some people went to ski again but I didn't. If the tutor wasn't so mean, maybe I would've gone up there again!

Instead, me and my friends played in the snow (snow ball fights, dance... ).

And that was it! After that we simply packed everything up, gave back the ski equipment and went back to the school by bus! I really liked the experience and I would like to try it again.